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Studio451Jewelry has partnered with Denver, Colorado-based Wit & West Perfumes to create the perfect curated artisan handcrafted jewelry and perfume samples gift set this holiday season. 


About Wit & West Perfumes

Wit & West Perfumes is a 100% all-natural botanical perfumery with a focus on rare ingredients and legit scents for those who don't want to smell like everyone else. Based in Colorado, our small-batch artisanal perfumery is solely owned and operated by myself (Wit) and my husband (West). All fragrances are designed, formulated and bottled in-house by me, with creative content designed by West. Our perfumes are handcrafted in small batches using only the finest, high-quality 100% natural whole botanicals and naturally derived ingredients including wildcrafted and organic essential oils, CO2 extracts, absolutes, naturally derived isolates as well as custom handmade tinctures and enfleurage extraits carefully selected, sourced and handmade from raw materials including those from our very own garden. The alcohol base used in our perfumes is three-stage filtered USDA organic grape alcohol made from the finest certified organic wines and grape varietals. Our perfumes are made from 100% all-natural ingredients and are genderless, vegan, cruelty-free (we're proud to be Leaping Bunny certified), phthalate and paraben free.

Wit & West Perfumes Co-Founder & Perfumer, Whitney (Wit) Swales


About Studio451Jewelry

In a small adobe home where the rugged San Juan Mountains of Colorado meet the open desert of Georgia O’Keefe’s New Mexico, I started bending and hammering my first pieces of wearable art over 15 years ago. I’m a St. Louis ex-pat, an artist, an archaeologist, a lover of mountain biking and the outdoors, and a person who thrives on creativity and movement. When I moved to Durango, I embraced the open lands of the West, while holding onto my urban sensibility. Studio451Jewelry is the physical representation of that spirited independence and an effortless, yet intentional style. I’m inspired by natural elements and by finding simplicity in complex design. I design for the person who owns their creativity and individuality. Strong, yet delicate. Feminine with a touch of masculine. My jewelry reflects the many facets and dimensions of what makes each of us unique.

Studio 451 Founder & Jeweler, Erin Weaver


Studio 451 Jewelry - Double Point + Stick Earrings, Short: A 1.2-inch double pointed geometric shape is hammered along the edges dissected by a long slender flat hammered sliver of metal for contrast and movement.  Total length with stainless steel ear wires is 2 inches (Material: Copper & Silver).

Wit & West Perfumes - Customizable Sample Set: Create your own experience with the Wit & West Customizable Sample Set. Choose any combination of five (5) samples from the Cologne, Signature and/or Reserve Collections. Each 1.5ml sample bottle equates to about 15 sprays - enough to truly experience the scent before you commit to a full bottle. Need more information about the fragrances including the featured notes? Go to the SignatureCologne or Reserve pages to view details.

**IMPORTANT** HOW TO SELECT YOUR SAMPLES: Once you've added the Customizable Sample Set to your cart, type the name of five (5) perfume and/or cologne samples in the notes/special instructions section of your order/cart.

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