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Love for Studio451Jewelry’s Custom Designs

My wife Barb and I raise and show Chihuahuas. Each of these little dogs has a distinctive personality. And Erin was able to create a piece for Barb that is totally unique and special, just like our little dogs. Other show people are envious, and always complimenting Barb on her beautiful little necklace. Erin took an idea and created a keepsake that Barb truly treasures. Thank you Erin for your wonderful talent and creativity.

Erin designed a most special tribute to life, love and loss for me. I treasure this little creature and Erin was able to capture my wishes.  “Life is fragile and beautiful”…so perfectly expressed in this dragonfly.  It is an eye catcher and I have had sweet conversations around this piece that further honor the intention behind it. I LOVE it!

Working with Erin on custom necklaces for my family was easy, fun and rewarding. She translated my rough ideas into something beautiful, and she elevated a basic concept into a creation that is both timeless and unique. Erin knew all the right questions to ask for a seamless process. The resulting necklaces have become instant family heirlooms that three generations of women are wearing for both love and style. Thank you, Erin!

On our 41st anniversary I wanted to buy a unique piece of jewelry as a surprise for my wife, Debbie. I knew where to go to get exactly what I needed. I called Erin and described what I wanted. With my wishes, and her thoughts on how to create it, she took what I told her and within 30 minutes she had something for me to take a look at. She was so eager to do it and it was like she had read my mind! It was perfect! The necklace consists of two hearts, one of copper paired with a smaller one of brass. On the copper heart, there’s a 72 engraved on it. This is the year that I married the beautiful girl next door.  Every time she puts it on it makes me so happy and she looks even prettier wearing Erin’s magnificent creation!  Thanks, Erin!

Tom C.
Barb W.
Brook S.
Lon W.