Customized Circle Necklace


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The circle can symbolize many different things, I see wholeness-infinite and interconnected. These necklaces are customizable and personalized to what you’d like to signify- yourself, your family, children, grandchildren, partnership, new beginnings, celebration of new life, remembrance of life lost. The circles come in small (7 mm), medium (10 mm), and large (13mm) sizes. Choose the combination that is most meaningful to you. Varied sizes to just one size can represent the entire family, oldest to youngest children, or one solitary circle to represent many different things-life, self, the unity of family, the collective, wholeness, totality, balance. Your choice of a plain sterling silver chain or black oxidized sterling silver chain, 16 or 18 inches in length. Circles are bronze and hand hammered for texture. My personal favorite is the oxidized chain, I love the black contrast against the golden hue of the bronze.

•Quantity of circles can be selected  but  please specify your preference for sizes of circles when finalizing purchase. 

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