Butterfly Necklace


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The pendant measures 1.5 by 1.5 inches and hangs from a delicate round link chain available in 16 or 18 inches.  Bronze wings and copper body, oxidized and brushed for contrast. Wings are hand formed in a slightly raised position to create depth and dimension. Any combination of metals is available upon request.

This butterfly pendant was created as a remembrance of my late grandmother inspired by a ring that I have fond memories of her wearing for many years of her life. A matching ring is also available.

Butterflies have a powerful life cycle and are the masters of metamorphosis. If you have ever watched a butterfly struggle to free herself from the cocoon, it is so intense that it appears painful. The struggle to open is what gives her wings strength. Without the struggle, she wouldn’t have freedom or the strength to fly. Metamorphosis is necessary in order to fly. There are so many parallels to our own cycle of life but this is the one that resonates most with me-   Life is challenging and hard at times, providing moments for some of the deepest reflection and personal growth. To come through to the other side as a stronger and more beautiful soul signifies the ultimate metamorphosis. 


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