Brass Circles with Triangles and Turquoise


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Three quarter inch triangles are adorned with a 6 mm round Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone and hang from brass circles measuring 1 5/8 inches across.  A touch of polish for added shine, total length is 3 inches with stainless steel wires.  

These earrings represent femininity, strength and peace.  There is beauty and calm behind feminine strength, with its openness and positivity. The open delicateness of the negative space of the circle paired with the solid, positive space of the inverted triangle adorned with a turquoise stone captures these qualities in a unique way. 

Strong and feminine in design, with a touch of turquoise representing wisdom, joy, love and creativity.  Turquoise restores harmony between your physical body and spirit. Linked with both sky and water because of its blue green color, it evokes feelings of tranquility and calmness. 

Native American tribes have used turquoise in mosaics, small sculptures, fetishes and for jewelry for hundreds of years. Sleeping Beauty turquoise comes from Southern Arizona and was named after the mountain range within sight of the mine resembling a sleeping woman with her arms crossed.  The mine closed in 2012 which has made Sleeping Beauty a highly sought after type of turquoise.  I find turquoise stones through the American Mined Collection from a longtime and trusted gem source.  They have a selection of gemstones mined only in the US, each with a documentable path straight from the mine to my workbench so that we, as the maker + the customer, can be confident that every stone is mined, cut and processed under conditions that meet all standards for worker safety, environmental protection and responsible production. This not only aligns with my personal values, but the values in which I stand by in my profession. When we are aligned with what we believe in and where we stand we become more connected, to ourselves and to one another. Personally, Sleeping Beauty turquoise is one of my favorites mostly because of its origins and connection to the American Southwest but also for its pure color and lack of matrix-  the color is so striking and the contrast with the gold tone of brass in these earrings perfectly compliment one another.  

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